Latest Projects

Some of my latest projects include (as listed in Publisher’s Marketplace)…

Chris Dancy’s I AM YOU TOMORROW, in which he elaborates on his “digital happiness project” with personal stories, inspiration and practical advice on becoming happier and healthier, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, pitched as a cross between Marie Kondo and Gretchen Rubin for the tech-dependent—us all, to Elisabeth Dyssegaard at St. Martin’s, by Kirby Kim at Janklow & Nesbit

Georgia Hunter’s THE ETERNAL ONES, an epic saga pitched as inspired by the author’s family’s story and set during the Second World War, following one family as they struggle to make their way through a shattered Europe alive, and sweeping from the streets of Paris to the Polish ghettos, and from the Siberian Gulag to the beaches of Brazil, to Sarah Stein at Viking, in a pre-empt, by Brettne Bloom at The Book Group

Nightline correspondent John Donvan and ABC producer Caren Zucker’s IN A DIFFERENT KEY, on the long, tangled and fascinating history of autism from the genesis of the first diagnosis in 1930s to the present sense of an epidemic, to Vanessa Mobley at Crown, at auction, in a major deal, by Alia Hanna Habib at McCormick & Williams Literary Agency.

Journalist Heather Chaplin’s THE MOLESKINE DIARIES, in diary entries, chronicling the author’s adventures as she separates from her husband, travels abroad, and tries—and fails—to escape the skeletons in her closet, to Karyn Marcus at Simon & Schuster, by Kim Witherspoon and Lena Yarbrough at Inkwell Management.

NYT and Washington Post contributor and ex-Army infantry officer Will Bardenwerper’s THE PRISONER IN HIS PALACE: Saddam Hussein and Twelve Soldiers Who Guarded Him, an account of a squad of young soldiers assigned to guard Saddam Hussein in his palace-turned-prison as his execution approaches, and they are forced to reckon with the nature of evil, war, justice, and vengeance, to Rick Horgan at Scribner, by Zoe Pagnamenta at Zoe Pagnamenta Agency.