Latest Projects

Some of my latest projects include (as listed in Publisher’s Marketplace):

PEN Literary Awards Finalist for The Big Truck That Went By, Jonathan Myerson Katz’s GANGSTERS OF CAPITALISM, pitched as in the tradition of Tony Horwitz, a journey tracing the forgotten wars and surprising legacies of the first great age of American empire, told in part through a lost antihero of the age, a marine who—like a tattooed Zelig or foul-mouthed Forrest Gump—was part of every major American conflict from the Spanish-American War until the eve of Pearl Harbor, to Elisabeth Dyssegaard at St. Martin’s, by Gail Ross at Ross Yoon Agency (NA).

NYT-bestselling author of THOSE GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN, LIVE FROM NEW YORK, and POWERHOUSE James Andrew Miller’s TINDERBOX: HBO’S RUTHLESS PURSUIT OF NEW FRONTIERS, a history of HBO told through the stories of the disruptors who led its epic rise and changed the way we watch television forever, to Serena Jones at Holt, at auction, for publication in 2021, by Jay Mandel at William Morris Endeavor (NA).

Nieman Fellow and National Magazine Award finalist Mariah Blake’s TEFLON, a narrative investigation of the chemical industry’s decades-long Big Tobacco-style campaign to hide the dangerous health effects of plastics, told through the residents of Parkersburg, West Virginia whose legal battle with DuPont over drinking water contamination has exposed a conspiracy affecting virtually every person on the planet, to Amanda Cook at Crown, at auction, by Larry Weissman at Larry Weissman Literary (NA).

Intelligence expert and UCLA professor Amy Zegart’s TIP OF THE SPEAR: How the CIA Really Works, revealing how intelligence and counterintelligence really works and shows why analysis is so hard to get, to Chuck Meyers at Princeton University Press, in a nice deal, by Christy Fletcher at Fletcher & Company (World English).

Outside contributor, former Army infantry officer and author of THE PRISONER IN HIS PALACE Will Bardenwerper’s THE LAST HOMESTAND: THE TWILIGHT OF BASEBALL IN APPALACHIA, a narrative account of the end of an era of Appalachian League baseball, and the role of the sport in the fabric of life in these small cities, to Jason Kaufman at Doubleday, by Daniel Greenberg at Levine Greenberg Rostan.

Author of RAGE BECOMES HER Soraya Chemaly’s AFTER: UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA & RESILIENCE IN A COMPLEX WORLD, examining trauma and post-traumatic growth, both personal and institutional, through the lens of history, social science, psychology, and personal narrative, and imagining a future that facilitates recovery and prioritizes economies and cultures of care, pitched as THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE meets FAR FROM THE TREE, to Julia Cheiffetz at One Signal, by Anna Sproul-Latimer and Kent Wolf at Neon Literary (world).